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In addition to NITROGAS® and OXYGAS® on-site generators series, GASGEN offers a complete range of products for the compressed air. To follow adequately the specific needs of such a vast and differentiated market, GASGEN has in fact developed a division entirely dedicated to the air COMPRESSION, DRYING and FILTRATION.

Because it is considered an accessory utility, compressed air is usually taken for granted. When planning a new installation, compressed air systems are often not given the same level of consideration as other plant equipment. Whether you are planning a new compressed air system or upgrading an existing one, do not miss the opportunity to design an optimal installation. In both cases, GASGEN will help you identify the best configuration and obtain the best possible performances from your compressed air system, through a specific study of your needs and the consequent OPTIMAL DESIGN. Take advantage of the opportunity and make your compressed air system more ENERGY EFFICIENT, easier to maintain and able to offer you the quality and quantity of air you really need. For more information, contact one of our consultants.

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